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Rupite - a magical and energetic place on Earth

Rupite - a magical and energetic place on Earth

There are many energy-filled places in the land of Bulgaria and one of them is considered to be the area near the village of Rupite. It is located at the eastern foot of the extinct volcano Kozhuh mountain / 281 m /, Petrich municipality, Blagoevgrad district. Located in the Petrich-Sandanski valley, Rupite is a protected area that attracts many tourists and Bulgarians from different parts of the country.

The Bulgarian prophetess Vanga lived here in the last years of her life. Funded by her, the church "St. Petka Bulgarian" was built near her house. The area, including the church, are part of the Hundred National Tourist Sites of the Bulgarian Tourist Union. It is no coincidence that Baba Vanga says:

"This place here is very special. It serves as a battery and from it I draw energy and strength. There used to be a terrible fire burning here, and this ridge above us hides a great secret."

The place is also popular for its mineral springs. These waters are of essential balneological importance and are widely used for rehabilitation and sanatorium treatment. The term spa is associated with hydrotherapy, known as balneotherapy (Latin balneum, bath). This is a form of diseases' treatment by bathing, which usually takes place in mineral springs (spa). Although it differs from hydrotherapy, balneotherapy has some overlaps in practice and in the basic principles with it. Many mineral waters in the spas are rich in special minerals such as silicon, sulfur, selenium and radium. Read more about the benefits of balneotherapy here.

The region is the only place in the country where you can see all four species of our turtles, almost all species of snakes, as well as the Balkan garlic, as well as the small river mullet. There are nearly 201 species of birds in the area. Here passes Via Aristotelis - one of the two main migration routes of birds.

Currently, the Rupite area is a landscaped park area with several small buildings, which are arranged inn, cafe and shops offering souvenirs and local fruits and vegetables.

We would recommend you to visit the place on August 15. Every year on this date it is the Feast of the Assumption. Football and folk wrestling are popular events during the fair. Traditional music is played, local dances are performed and treats are offered.

What a better way to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this magical and energetic corner of the Earth?