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From the town of Sandanski to Sinanitsa peak

From the town of Sandanski to Sinanitsa peak

Today we will tell you more about Sinanitsa peak - one of the wonderful peaks of Pirin mountain.

Its height is 2,516 m. It is also called the Split Peak, the Limestone Hammer or the Hammer /translated into English/. It rises on the Sinanishko side ridge, southwest of Georgiytsa peak and west of Momin peak. It is made of pink-gray marble. It has a characteristic split appearance, which is why it cannot be mistaken when viewed from the southwest, for example from the town of Sandanski. You can reach the top from the huts Vihren, Begovitsa (Kamenitza), Yane Sandanski or shelter Spano Pole.

Sinanitsa Peak is a favorite one for many tourists. The top can be reached from the huts Vihren, Begovitsa (Kamenitza), Yane Sandanski or Spano Pole shelter. We will tell you in detail about our preferred route to it. Depending on your physical fitness and how many hours of hiking you feel good, you can park your vehicle in several places.

From the town of Sandanski to the area of ​​Popina Laka the road is approximately 20 km. Then we go to the shelter Spano Pole, where the road is approximately 9 km or 3 hours. Arriving at the fork of Vihren hut, Sinanitsa and Spano Pole shelter, we continue in the last direction. It is on the right and the road is wide and sloping. Jeeps can be driven on it easily. There are no markings, but moving along the wide road, you can not go wrong. By car we can reach the "Water intake". From here to the shelter remain about an hour and a half. When we reach the shelter, the hut has a place to rest and eat. We are about to take the road to Sinanishka porta, which lasts approximately an hour and a half. The markings are brown and stake. Once we arrive it is important to follow, because the other - yellow markings, will take us to the hut Vihren. The path on the hill to the top becomes a little steeper. The journey takes about an hour and a half. In fact, here we have two options: through the ridge and Momin Vrah or through the cutting path. We recommend that you choose the second path if you want to avoid the steepest sections, for which it is advisable to have poles and appropriate equipment.

Sinanitsa peak will enchant you with its beauty and its incredible mountain view. In the distance the peaks stand out: Banski Suhodol, Kutelo, Muratov and Vihren. We can also see the town of Kresna and Lake Sinanitsa.

You can check all possible routes and landmarks for your transition on the map here.

When you are tired after this transition you might want to relax in your room, watch the top from your terrace at Interhotel Sandanski, drink hot tea and feel really satisfied after the day spent in the enchanting Pirin mountain.

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